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Our Approach

We embrace our ability as parents to choose to provide better for our SEEDS, nurturing their growth as we continue to learn from life through our history, our present and our future. We pass down knowledge through storytelling. We have the goal to activate the genius nation builders and teach sovereignty and provide our students things that are worth their genius. Children learn greatly from their community. Thinking is a skill and the brain is a muscle to be exercised. We allow creative thinking and challenge the mind to make it stronger. If our children can think, then they can improve a nation, thrive in life or build a home from scratch, which requires fortitude and strength. We nurture creativity through indigenous and african rooted arts and they are supported by the community for their talents (entreprenuership). We will teach them to cool, plant, construct and repair to gain familiarity with important life skills. We learn for liberation and are intelligence-focused with an emphasis on thinking rather than memorization.

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