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About Muva Nature Seeds

Muva Nature Healing was created as a way to educate people to connect back to natural Earth, to learn how to be self-sufficient through means of educating our children, learning truth of whole self through learning for liberation, becoming sovereign thinkers by use of metaphysics, learning laws of land and the United States and by reestablishing our health through proper nutrition, studying uses of herbs and crystals for healing, and eventually growing our own food.

The challenging and practical tasks of Muva Nature Healing’s Curriculum encourage new skills and awareness through observation, precision, imagination, and creativity. All curriculum is personal to the student and customized towards the child’s learning style, astrological placements, personality, cultural influence, interests, and career path (will explore if unknown). We use practical application and teaching students to be CREATIVE THINKERS (intelligence focused) overall in order to create adults who focus on being visionaries, problem solvers and operating in their divine sovereignty. We provide emphasis on thinking rather than emphasis on memory. We want to focus to create master planners, builders from scratch and to cultivate the child’s inner strength and power to avoid oppression.

Our Goals

Build community connections and love for all.

Learn how to be Nation Builders and nurture creativity.

Be a life-long learner and pass down knowledge of self.

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